Learning Russian is my dream.
And I try very hard, try, do. Hello friends! My name is Anastasia Semina, and this is Julia Alizade. Hello everyone from Turkey! We are now in the city of Eskisehir. Behind us is the campus of Anatolian University. What date is it today?
– The nineteenth (19th) of April. And today there is a conference … An international conference, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Solzhenitsyn. This conference is about Russian, about literature. The speakers are in Russian, in Turkish and in English. And … come on, we’ll show you a little bit! Even rustles are not heard in the garden. Everything here stands still until morning. If you knew … And the fact that today we see such a great interest, so much attention to the work of Solzhenitsyn in your wonderful university, we see such an interest in Russian culture, who showed off a wonderful chorus today of students who performed famous Russian folk songs – all this is not only evidence of such deep interest youth, the teaching intelligentsia to the culture of Russia, to the work of outstanding representatives of Russian literature, but also testifies and is the key to our friendship, that you instill in your youth and give us confidence that tomorrow our countries will be even closer to each other, they will understand each other better. Alexander Solzhenitsyn perceived his novels as a common friendly monument to all those who were tortured and murdered. In them, he told the whole truth about the camps of Stalin’s time. Solzhenitsyn introduced the whole world to the concept of the Gulag, which meant the “General Directorate of the camps.” What do you think, with what … with what standard we should understand life? Well, for example, is there people on earth who purposely want evil? They think so: will I do evil to people?
Let me squeeze them so that they do not have life? Hardly, eh? Maybe, people all want good – they think they want good, but it’s not without mistakes – and here cause each other so much evil. Convince themselves that they are doing well, but in fact it turns out bad. In every war, it seems to us that we are right, but it seems to those that they are right. I will tell you!
The wolfhound is right and the ogre is not! How how?
– Like this. The wolfhound is right, but the ogre is not. What are you writing there?
– I write down clever thoughts. My?
– Whose else? So I’m smart.
– And then! Ah, if I, Gleb, would say now: here is a plane flying on it, an atomic bomb is on it. If you want, you will be buried here as a dog under the stairs, and your family will be blocked, and there will be more miles of people so that the people do not suffer in camps, collective farms, forest enterprises? I, Gleb, believe? No more tolerance!
I suffer – no more! – I will believe it. Do not think about seconds down. The time will come – you will understand, probably: They whistle like bullets at the temple Moments, moments, moments. My name is Alein. In fact, I lived in Izmir, but I moved to Eskisehir to study Russian. Now I study at Anadolu University – I study Russian. When I was thirteen (13) years old, I started … I saw the Russian alphabet, and I really liked it … Then I began to learn Russian. Have you already been to Russia? – Yes, I was in Russia. Three (3) years ago I was in Russia – in Moscow, in Volgograd. Did you like it there? – Yes, yes, of course, I really … I liked it. Is it difficult to learn Russian? Uh-uh, it seems to me, it is not difficult, because learning Russian is my dream, and I try very hard, I try, I study. Do you practice every day? – Yes. Of course, I am every day … I study at home or in the library. And what are you doing? – I try to translate texts or read a book, I listen to music, watch movies. So what are you? Do not you see the difference between us? Between you? Or between us? I see very well between us: you need me, but you don’t give me! Listen, prisoner. If I am with you gently, so do not forget … And if you were rude to me, I wouldn’t talk to you, citizen minister. Shout at your colonels and generals, they have too much to lose in life, they feel too sorry for this. How much is needed – and we will make you. You are mistaken, citizen minister! I have nothing, you understand – there is nothing! You will not get my wife and child any more – a bomb took them. My parents are already dead. I have only property on earth — a handkerchief, and my clothes are bureaucratic. I am forty-two (42), you gave me twenty-five (25) terms, I was already in prison … Everything is ghostly in this raging world, There is only a moment – for him and hold on. There is only a moment between past and future, That he called life. My name is Bahri Jan Balji. I work as a teacher of Russian at this university – at the preparatory faculty I teach Russian. I have always loved languages. Not only Russian – at first I fell in love with English and then, after school I wanted to enter the Anatolian University. When I was a student, I immediately decided that … hmm … after university … I told myself that I want to work as a teacher of Russian. It seems to me that Russian is very popular in Turkey because, as far as you know, that … every year many tourists come here. If a person already knows Russian well, he can work in tourism. Even in the Ministry of Foreign (Foreign) Affairs – there is such an opportunity. And you can work as a teacher in universities. When I teach Russian – exactly when I am in the classroom in the classroom – I feel very free. I like to teach people something, and I enjoy it. I would agree that he should be sent to any taiga, for the Arctic Circle – I would go after him, left everything … Do you have the strength to go to the taiga? How happy you are! I have no strength left for anything. It seems that any prosperous old man would agree to marry me – and I would go. And you could quit? .. When is he in jail? .. Pretty! It was easy to love in the nineteenth (19th century)! Wives of the Decembrists did have any feat? Personnel departments – called them to fill out forms? Did they really need to hide their marriage as an infection? – so as not to be expelled from work, so as not to take away these only five hundred (500) rubles a month? And true and true. In a communal apartment – they were boycotted? In the courtyard, a column with water hissed on them, that they were enemies of the people? Native mothers and sisters – pushed them to a sober mind and to divorce? But if I have nothing to hide
From pity is incurable, But if I have nothing to hide
From cold and dark? For parting will be a meeting
Do not forget me, love For parting will be a meeting
Come back both – me and you. I ask, though not for long, My sadness, you leave me alone! Cloud, blue cloud You fly to your home,
From here to his home. What date is it today? – Today … nineteen …? Without an accent now try.