hello hola!! Chào buổi sáng!
so it’s currently twelve and I’m having my very first and only class of the day so here is my class now I don’t have no
more classes so I’m headed to the library to study and do homework for
tomorrow the library is over thereeeeeee; and now I’m going to open this door and then open this another doooor>:) I was planning to
study on the first floor since it was a quiet floor but then it turned out that
it was super noisy so I ended up on the third floor which is another quiet floor :v my friends here usually call me Lavie Phạm And I think only the Vietnamese people here call me by my real real Vietnamese name but for now just call me Lavie :>Rick and Morty!! hell yeah. this is my paper I try
so hard for it I’m stupid but I’m trying so hard so hard like Lavie the lifesucker yes I am going to put on my glasses, okay do
I look dumb? do I look smart?! do it look ugly??! FUNFACT I wear hats
because I haven’t washed my hair alright let’s study for real this time;
let’s study for REAL. actually I don’t really know what I have
inside my pencil case so let’s find out 😀 let’s begin: a black pen, green pen, pencil, highlighter, purple pen, black pen blue pen (this one is from Taiwan), another black pen, oh I have an eraser OKAY, that’s a lot and they are all PENS! :p I get tired putting my pens back I just realize that I have double chin and that is not cool
:(( uhh gotta take one out to study :)) I am going to study for real THIS TIME=)) now I realize I have more homework 😐 it looks like I’m pretty much done with
everything so I’m just gonna pack my stuff and go back to my room to change and get ready for dinnerrrr !!!! guys, it doesn’t look cold but it is hella cold. trời lạnh dã man ế focus this is my dorm 😀 yeah okay they have cute doors;
and there’s mine=)) here this is myroom
Lavie :)) open the dooor
tadaa :v should I do a room tour? oh yes yes I know my hair looks like a mess and
I’m just trying to (you know) put them together so just got back to my friend’s
house AND it’s unboxing time !!!!!!! this is a beautiful beautiful eyeshadow palette
which is not mine (but, umh, you know) (you know it’s not mine) 🙂 Wow alright so I guess this is the end of the video for today enjoy. have a good night. bye bye