I worked with a UK volunteer, her name is Tessa, that was my work counterpart Both my parents were volunteers in Tanzania and I knew I wanted to visit a place, possibly in Africa and be a volunteer in Africa, but I never expected it would be Tanzania. I was so excited when I got that phonecall When we arrived in the community people were just staring at us, they didn’t know what we were doing but as time went on, we got along with people, they knew what we were doing and others were asking “Hey! It looks like you get a lot of money from this!” But we said “No, we are volunteering and this is for the betterment of this community.” When we first arrived in the village we went to the NGO that we would be working in and we were allocated to our host family. If we hadn’t lived in accommodation with families that lived in that comunity we wouldn’t have been taken as seriously as we were it was a good way to make connections in the community It helped so much with learning the language as well, I picked up so much more Swahili by living in a host home Yeah the biggest achievement in the work we did is something which we were also able to pass through the volunteers who came which was the stitching of the cloth bags so as to be used as an alternative to plastic bags. That was a big thing because we had three groups working on that And to do this we tried to set up women’s sewing groups in the community, so they could make cloth bags This would act as a good source of income for the women, as well as providing cloth bags that would hopefully replace the plastic bags that were being handed out with every transaction at the market stalls From what I heard the next ICS cycle carried on with the same project and they did it very well so I think that we laid good ground for that, because if we hadn’t done it well then nothing would be there Four people from the local community applied for volunteering in the cycle which followed so I feel like we left that spirit of volunteerism I would say to my friends to apply to ICS, if they were up for the challenge, that they should definitely go for it it makes a real difference to other people’s lives and you pick up personal skills that you could never imagine were possible