If they want to go and their parents have the ability to send them, why not? Let them go, it’s not bothering anyone. The main thing is that they come back and work here. Every parent has to make their own decision. I have a child and I can’t say that I would definitely let him go. Everything depends on his wishes and the circumstances we find ourselves in. There’s no definitive answer. But I did send him away for a month this summer. I think it’s worth it. Most of all, because the level of education in Europe is higher than here. But you can’t be too lax with this because European values differ from Russian ones in many ways. I think this is a personal matter for each person. Some people want to study, some don’t. For some, a Russian education is enough because it’s pretty good. No, it’s not worth it because our education system is one of the best in the world. I don’t think the West’s education system or its moral values suit us.