(gentle music) Ah, hello. Are you ready to delegate
tedious tasks to a digital helper so you can speed up your work and focus on what matters most? Excellent. Let’s introduce you to the tool that will help you do just that: UiPath Automation Hub. It works a little something like this: You identify the repetitive,
time-consuming work you want a software robot
to do for you instead, and then you use the tool to
submit your automation idea to people who collaborate with you to turn your idea into something real. How, you ask? Come with us on a quick
tour and we’ll show you. To begin, think of the
work you don’t like doing- all the repetitive data
entry, copy-paste tasks that take up so much
of your valuable time. As we say, “If you hate it, automate it.” If you’re not sure where to
start, you can check out what your teammates are thinking of automating. Everyone’s automation ideas
flow into a master list. Use the list to get inspired, or show your support for other ideas. Look here, John has gone
and upvoted Jill’s idea. Nice one. John can follow this to
keep on top of its progress and add feedback to build on the idea. This has got off to a great start. In the People space, John
explores what other great ideas Jill or other teammates have submitted. A great space to get inspired
and connected, indeed, where you can check out automation ideas that mean something to you,
or get help on your own ideas. By now, John knows
exactly which tedious task he can hand off to a robot. Hit that ‘Submit Idea’, John, let’s do this. The wizard will take you through it. Easy. Here’s another little fun twist. You earn a badge and get
a score for your idea. Up we go to see the top
players on the Leaderboard. John and Jill are the most
active contributors, it seems. And you get higher up if your automation idea gets more votes. This is fun. Here’s John’s submission, moving from Idea phase
to Assessment phase. Moving on up, John! An automation that started out as an idea, becoming an actual
functioning software robot that liberates you from
frustrating, mind-numbing tasks? I know, I know, I’m getting
goosebumps too, folks. Behind the scenes, a team works to bring your
automation ideas to life. There’s Tony, a business analyst, helping assess Jill’s idea. Once Jill’s idea is approved, Tony will document it as
part of the Analysis phase. Finally Tanya receives Jill’s idea and she will go to work with her developer and solution architect
magic to make it happen. And what a great way to end this all, knowing John and Jill’s
automation will soon be a reality, making their jobs meaningful again and saving their team and the
organization heaps of time. Their automations powered
positive change, as can yours. Go on, get into that driver’s seat and help decide which automations take your company forward. Sign in to start exploring.