Three years after the Abbott government attempted to bring in its $100,000 degree plan and we defeated it then can you believe it, the Liberal-Nationals are back at it? This time, it’s the Turnbull government with a pretty similar plan- loading more costs onto students and taking money off universities. Now we need to defeat it. And let’s remember, how did we defeat those $100,000 degrees? The Greens, students, unions, staff- we got together. There was big movements, fantastic actions and twice we defeated the governments plan when they brought it into the Senate The bill was voted down twice because that voice, that public voice was so strong and that’s what we need now. And today is a big strike going on at Sydney University so it’s a shout out to the staff and students who are supporting that action. Because it’s work like that, protests like that which are so critical to building support for higher education and for The Greens that means- no cuts, no fees, free higher education.