this morning we experienced a southern
cold wave in Seoul as the mercury plunged by more than 10 degrees but
tomorrow the nation will see milder temperatures that are similar to the
seasonal average taking a more detailed look at our readings will wake up to the
mercury hovering in the single figures Holland hit on start of the day at two
degrees Celsius Daegu and Gwangju at 4 degrees while Busan reaches 8 degrees
and the nation is set for clear skies but a cloudy evening Seoul will reach 12
degrees in the daytime while trenton reaches 9 degrees and
khong gian Busan and Jeju will be more pleasant at 15 degrees meanwhile up to
20 millimeters of rain is expected integer from tonight until tomorrow
morning and the lows will stay around the seasonal average for the rest of the
week while the eastern condo province will see frequent rainy or snowy spells
also in frozen were the 2019 oz and South Korea commemorative summit is
being held blustery conditions with clear skies are in the forecast tomorrow
with a low of 9 degrees and a high of 15 degrees Wednesday will be clear to start
with but will get cloudy air in the afternoon with similar temperatures to
Tuesday I’ll leave you with the weather conditions around the world