Good Morning, Vlog! Welcome to
(intensely) The Weekend Vlog. It is currently Saturday, October 5th, I believe. And- Yes, October 5th.
And it’s 9:42 am. So, I just got dressed. Literally put on a dress this morning. I actually did a little bit of makeup- since I haven’t been doing makeup throughout the entire week, I thought I would do some. Just to spice up- I dunno- my weekend a little bit. So my weekend plans- (laughs) I have so much homework to do. So I know I’m going to spend some time at the coffee shop today. Um- This cute little one called Augie’s that is in the city that I’m going to school in, and the city that I live in with my parents. So, I’m gonna head to Augie’s… (unclear) I dunno if you guys follow me on Twitter, but I do California Indian Friday every week, and yesterday I had a really rough day so I didn’t get it up. So I’m thinking about posting it today, orrr,
just extending it for next week. Because, since I had such a rough day, I might just give myself a break and be like “Okay, you can focus on other things.” So that’s another thing that I have to- kind of, um- figure out when I’m gonna do today. But, other than that, I think it’s gonna be a pretty minimal, chill day. Again, just a lot of studying going on. And, just running some errands. [Low-fi hip-hop music plays] [Music continues] Carolann: Quote. C: It’s supposed to say “quote choices.” “Solid work.” C: “Excellent quote choices.” Quote, “Solid work. I love your (unclear) choices.” (unclear) Real gems. C: (soft, breathy laugh) “And you discuss them thoughtfully, insightly, sociologically, and also personally.” Very good. “Your discussions flowed the way I wanted. I got a real sense that it’s important to (unclear) field work (unclear) discipline and sociology.” “Keep it up!” Grade A. C: Yayyy! (chuckles softly) C: Now you have to read the paper. Carolann: My uncle just went to Caroline’s Cafe and got us some breakfast. C: So I got home fries,
eggs over medium, some sausage patties, C: sourdough toast, and my coffee. C: And right now, I’m pulling up my Sociology reading C: and trying to figure out how I can underline… (laughs) C: a PDF. (laughs)
So if anybody knows, let me know. C: Alright, I found a way to edit- C: (clears throat) and underline on this PDF. C: So I’m in Adobe Acrobat, the app, C: and there’s, um- C: once you upload the PDF in the app, C: there’s this little button in the corner, C: for you to comment. And then there’s a pen. C: And you can underline. C: But my only thing is, C: is that you can’t move the page while you’re commenting. C: You have to click “Done.” And then move the page. Which is kind of annoying, but, C: at least it gets it done. Alright, so I got some feedback in my last video that you wanted to hear more about what it is that I’m specifically learning in my Sociology classes. Like, what it is that I’m studying, the theories, you know. All- all- more of the specifics. So, this reading that I’m doing right now, is from the Marx and Friedrich Engel’s Reader. Which, you can find online. It’s the Second Edition. And so, I’m in this class called “Classical Sociological Theory,” and we’re basically- If I could sum up the class, I would say that we’re studying a lot, like, individual thinkers who contributed to Sociology as a discipline. And like, the foundations of Sociology and what, like, contributions they added to Sociology. So the first one that we looked at was Émile Durkheim. So we read a whole book on Durkheim, and then wrote a paper on it. And then the next thinker that we’re getting into is Karl Marx. So the basic- Essentially, the theory and contribution
that we’re learning about and studying in the Reader is “Historical Materialism.” So, Some of the things about Historical Materialism is kind of like Marx arguing that the economic structure is the foundation to society. And if you want to understand society, then you have to understand the economy and the material production. And he argues that, like, if you want society to change, then you have to change the economic foundation. And I’ve been studying this for the past few weeks and then we’re going to study it for the next few weeks. So I personally, really really like Marx as a thinker, and I agree with a lot of his critiques of Capitalism, so, I’m really excited to be studying this in my class right now, because the more Marx that I get to know, the better. But anyway, that’s just kind of a specific of- you know, look into what it is that I’m learning in my class. I’m trying to see if I can pull up the notes to Historical Materialism. Yeah. So some other things that we were talking about in the last class, The… focus of Historical Materialism is that, if you want to understand society, then look at society’s products, rather than their culture, knowledge, and religions. Because, if you really want to understand society, you have to understand how people meet their needs. Like, this is really important for Marx. (cut-off) like, got into the classic discussion of “Means of Production,” of course, Yeah, “Social Relations of Production,” the “Superstructure.” So that’s something that we’re reading about. We kind of go through a diagram, which which maybe I can show up on the page right here. So, we drew a diagram, so the “Superstructure” are the ideologies, the values, the morals, religion, law, philosophy, etc. All of these things. And the thing that’s contributing to that- that’s making all of these ideas, ideologies, religion, law is the economic base. So that’s what Marx is arguing. And all of that, the whole diagram, is called
“The Mode of Production.” I hope that that helped you give like a little peek into what it is that I’m studying in my classes right now. And getting more specific with Sociology. Like I said, I’ve really been enjoying this class because I think it’s important, if you are in the Sociology field, to understand a lot of the foundational thinkers who contributed to the discipline. I’ve been enjoying that a lot. Now, to get back to more studying. And reading. [Low-fi hip-hop music plays, with piano and the sound of rain on a rooftop] Carolann: So I wanted to show you how I’ve been taking notes on my readings, in case you’re interested. C: So I this PDF. Like I said, I opened it in Acrobat, C: and I’ve been using this pen tool to write and underline. C: So I underline- because, since I have to write a paper, C: on this, there’s going to be quotations that I’m gonna have to choose, C: to include in my paper, C: so this way I’ve collected a bunch of quotes, C: and then I kind of summarize what exactly C: is going on in this section of the reading in the margins, C: of course, and, just kind of do my own annotated notes, C: so then, if I’m looking for like, C: “Okay, what is this passage about,” without having to read the whole thing. C: I can just read my notes on the side. C: So that’s kind of what I’ve been doing C: throughout this whole PDF. Y’all, me and my dad are gonna go drop-off my check that I have to give for this class that I’m taking. And then we’re gonna go to Starbucks and the- um… Oh! And the grocery store to pick up a few things. So this is what I’m wearing. Got my Doc Markins on, my Adidas bag, and I’m gonna head out the door right now with my dad. [“Another Day, Another Dollar” by Wynn Stewart plays on the radio] Carolann: Oh this is the new dog, huh? Dad: Yeah. Dad: This is Shady. (metal fence clangs) D: And this is Deckie. No, Shady-
(Deckie makes a breathy barking noise) C: Wait, what’s his name? D: Dexter. C: Dexter. (fence clangs) D: Here, Shady. Shady. (fence clangs) D: Here. C: Right there. C: Right there, Shady. C: That one’s yours. D: Cuz she won’t let ‘im- Nooo. C: (laughs) (fence clangs more) C: This one’s yours. (more clanging and a crunching noise) D: Thatta girl.
C: There you go. C: Good girl! D: Here. (Shady sneezes) D: Come on. D: Come on, come on. You don’t want that? (panting) C: Lemme see. D: Okay. Come on. C: Come on, take it! Carolann: My dad is showing me the beef-
Dad: Cut it up- C: that he gets to make stew. C: That’s the one I got last time. D: Yeah but that- that’s a lot. D: So I dunno if you need that mu- C: I got this one. C: I got two of these. C: They didn’t have that at Stater Brother’s. C: My dad was saying he gets this one and cuts it up himself. C: To make stew. D: See this here? D: Sometimes if- these are the ones that- when- they’re more better, D: They use ’em for fillet. C: Oh! (laughs) D: When they’re short a fillet, to make up the weight, they’ll take the eye out. C: Oh, wow. Back from- um- the store at Vons, and I picked up my sister a birthday card because we’re celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so I wanna make sure I have a birthday card to give her when I see her. And we put all the groceries away, and then, there was a few clips back where we were at our house on the reservation and I was saying “hi” to the dogs, but while we were there I picked up my ribbon skirt, and my ribbon shirt, and this other shirt that I have that says “Strong Resilient Indigenous,” and I think I’m gonna wear this skirt to the Pow-wow. But it needs to be altered, because it doesn’t fit me. Needs to be altered because it doesn’t fit me, so I’m gonna take it and have them cinch the waist or do something because- it’s more the waist that I think I have an issue with I think the height is fine. But I’m really glad I picked that up. Carolann: So we ordered some vinyl storage, and it just came in the mail. C: And look, it has a card with my name on it. C: Hold it, while I pull it. c: Hold it while I pull it. (Bubble wrap crinkles) C: Okay, open it. (Bubble wrap rustles and crinkles) C: Look, they sent us some records, too. Dad: (singing) Columbiaaaa, they call her name Mariaaa. C: (laughs) D: (singing quietly, unclear) D: “Mariah.” C: “Sometime.” D: I have “Mariah.” C: “Stars.” C: Look, they sent us another one.
D: (singing quietly, unclear) C: Two more. D: “Stars.” C: There’s two more in there. D: What is that? D: “Every Day We Grow.” (Sleeve rustles) D: Children pick, here. C: But this is what we really ordered. C: Is this vinyl-
D: Mm-hmm.
C: storage. C: Oh! C: It came with records inside of it! C: That’s not what we wanted. (laughs) D: Well, let’s see what they are. D: Polka? C: (laughs) D: Polka… D: (singing) Down by the ole (unclear)… Carolann: We got dinner from California Fish Grill. C: And I got salmon. And they forgot my corn. C: But it’s okay ‘cuz I have sweet potato fries. [Low-fi hip-hop music plays]