Our vision is to promote intellectual exchange thanks to Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships and so help build a better future for our world. For a small country like Switzerland, openness and exchange are crucial to ensure a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future. Scholarships are about the free exchange of ideas in all areas of knowledge. Young, ambitious, talented people from other countries receive a public grant to conduct research at a Swiss higher education institution. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are part of the Swiss government’s international strategy for education, research and innovation (ERI). They raise Switzerland’s international profile and enable it to play its role as a leading ERI player. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation invites the best young researchers from around the world to apply. The grant is available for ambitious PhD students and post-docs, and talented students of the arts pursuing their initial master’s degree. Diplomacy plays an important role. The scholarships are available to nationals of countries, which have diplomatic relations with Switzerland. With developed countries, Switzerland has a reciprocal arrangement for awarding scholarships. Swiss embassies can provide information about the grant and accept applications directly in over 180 countries. When applying for a scholarship, all applicants need to show that they have an academic supervisor at their chosen host university in Switzerland. All applications must therefore include a letter of support from the host professor in Switzerland as well as a research proposal, CV and cover letter. The applicant and the academic supervisor then form a team for the entire duration of the scholarship. The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS or ESKAS in German) is made up of 16 members from Swiss higher education institutions. The commission awards the grants annually in a competitive procedure. There are quotas for different geographic regions. Ninety percent of the scholarships go to researchers and ten percent to students of the arts. Central criteria for selection are the profile and motivation of the applicants, the academic value of their research proposal and the suitability of the host institution. The best 20 percent of applicants receive an ESKAS scholarship. Our Scholarships give recipients a career boost, and allow them to expand their professional network and improve their academic knowledge and methodological skills. They promote young talented people from around the world and strengthen international cooperation. Every year there is funding for around 400 grants. Switzerland has supported young researchers with national scholarships since 1961. So far, over 8,400 foreign students and researchers have received support and form part of the continuously expanding alumni network. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships really do change many young scholars’ lives and shape who they become. We repeatedly hear this message from former recipients. ESKAS alumni frequently stay in contact with their colleagues and friends they make in Switzerland, and therefore strengthen relationships between people and institutions in their countries of origin and Switzerland.