Are you wondering what jobs you can do with
a Biology degree? Whether you are studying Biology at college,
online or you already have your bachelor’s or master’s degree, this video will give
you 7 career options, what salary you can expect to earn and the skills you will need.
As a bonus for you guys looking for an accredited psychology degree, I will give you a list
of the top 5 campus-based courses and top 5 online psychology degrees so stay tuned.
A biology degree is broad and flexible. Jobs for biology majors range from school teachers
to zoologists. If you’re interested in studying living things, you’ll be able to find a
number of careers with high demand. Here are the top 7 jobs for biology majors. 1 Biomedical Engineer $86,950, and you will
earn more with a graduate degree Biomedical engineers work in healthcare where
they design or maintain medical products. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the
profession to grow by more than 60% over the next 10 years
2. Biology Teacher $86,830 Teachers can specialize in teaching science
or biology with an endorsement on their teaching. Combining your Undergraduate education coursework
with your biology degree is one way to become a biology teacher.
You can also consider state-sponsored alternative teacher certification programs or master’s
degrees in teaching. Between 2012 and 2022, the needed number of
high school teachers was expected to grow 5%, with a 12% jump for middle school teachers 3. Science Writer $69,030
If you are a gifted writer, you can enhance your skills to become science writers. Science
writers in public relations write press releases that announce new developments at their workplaces
to journalists. Science journalists can work for newspapers,
magazines, websites and radio or TV stations. 4. Medical Scientist
The demand for medical scientists is high and shows no signs of slowing down. You will
need a PhD though. Medical scientists perform research into human health. Though there’s
some variation, the median annual wage for medical scientists is about $77,190
5. Microbiologist $67,790 Microbiologists study the smallest, most basic
forms of life such as bacteria, viruses and other microscopic organisms. Their findings
contribute to healthcare and other industries where they have numerous applications You’ll
need a bachelor’s degree in the field. More advanced degrees are required for better paying
positions. 6. Environmental Scientist $66,250 • Environmental scientists identify and
reduce harm to the natural environment. Many choose to specialize in either environmental
health or environmental protection. • On average, environmental scientists make
about $62,000 annually, but salary is typically based on education. With Climate change and
increased awareness of environmental issues, environmental scientists are expected to be
in high demand. Most entry-level jobs require a bachelor’s degree.
7 Biological Technician Through extensive laboratory work, biological
technicians help to produce results from medical scientists’ research and product designs.
Salary: With an annual salary of about $41,290, biological technicians make less than most
other jobs for biology majors and demand is much lower. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree
in biology, as well as plenty of experience working in a lab. Here are the best schools for biological sciences
as ranked by
the US News Survey