After my last video about an egg slicer I have been getting a lot of requests to make another video, where I heat up an egg slicer red hot, to see what it can cut through So I’m gonna be using a blowtorch and we’ll see what happens. I’ve got a handful of items that should fit into the slicer that we can try out in the experiment (GOODBYE MINECRAFT SLIME BLOCK) XD I thought the easiest one would probably be this wax tealight candle which will hopefully melt as the red hot wires go through it. And I’m removing it from the metal tray So I lit up the blowtorch, and started heating up the slicer. You can see the thin wires heat up really quickly and they actually start to move as they expand and contract with the heat changes. And if I dim the lights you can really see them glow. Although they heat up very quickly, they also cool down very quickly too, because they’re so thin, And they don’t retain the heat for long. So I’m heating up the frame around the wires as well, and trying to make it all as hot as possible I’m gonna put the candle in as quickly as I can, and I am now wearing gloves, so I can close the slicer. You can see that absolutely nothing appears to happen, and even if I add a little pressure it doesn’t cut through. It’s just about melted the surface so it sticks to the wires. So I thought I’d try again with something else, like one of these crayons So I heated up the slicer again, and the same thing happened. It melted slightly on the framework of the slicer, but it hardly marked the crayon at all. The thin wires which have a large surface area, to volume ratio, just don’t retain enough heat. They cool down too quickly, and if you do heat them up too much much, you can actually melt through them. If we look at a kitchen knife, the metal blade is far bigger and generally thicker than the thin wires of the slicer. And if we heat it up with a blowtorch, it takes a lot more heat energy to make it red hot. But the surface area to volume ratio of the blade is a lot lower than the slicer wires so it retains heat better In other words it doesn’t cool down as quickly So it can be used to cut and burn it’s way through some of the items I showed you before. Here I am doing a stack of five candles. And it doesn’t take long to get through this garlic. And it slices straight through this mine craft head. You can see it’s even cut the chopping board. Pretty hot, huh! It chops nicely through this party popper. And even sets off the detonator *BANG* And it makes little work of these wax crayons. Although I think I pushed a little hard here, and snapped it instead of melted it at the end. And clean up the mess! In this one I decided to slice it in a similar way to how the egg slicer would have. And the knife still retains enough heat to melt a piece of crayon afterwards. If you’re a subscriber to my youtube channel you can make sure you get notified by clicking the little notification bell by my subscribe button and ticking the box If you want to see more of my videos you can click the links or take a look at my youtube channel page. Stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching. (R.I.P Minecraft Slime Block ! xD)