The worst part? I think balancing
everything because at the end of the day you’re doing a degree but at the same
time you’re in contact with patients with real-life people and you have to
have a professional persona on. You need to develop that and you will develop
that, and you will develop that, as you go through the years but sometimes it can be difficult when
you’re treating difficult patients. I mean everyone’s human and we do make
mistakes and some patients can be a bit more demanding and some tasks are more
challenging so sometimes you might you may carry out treatment and it’s
unsuccessful I need to know how to kind of work your way around that and discuss
that with patients. Yeah, I think that is the hardest bit. Yeah I think, I think you’re right one of one of
the things you don’t realize is you know you think it’s a very academic degree but
actually you develop a lot of personal skills yourself. You grow as a person a
lot as you go through the five years and it’s like dealing with patients as you
say you have to stay professional and sometimes things don’t go the right way
and that’s quite difficult at the start to deal with and you know as a person to
mentally get over these obstacles it’s quite difficult as well. Yeah, yeah it’s
very easy to take things personally. Yeah I think the balance thing is a key as well
but not only on the clinical side but also just balance in your uni life
because at the end of the day were all uni students still – trying to coming in
from school and having to figure out a balance if I have to cook, clean, do my
work, revise also try and enjoy myself, have a life. There’s so much you have to do and it’s
finding that balance which I think you get quite early on because with
dentistry it’s more of a routine and you know, we have, you know 9-5’s or we’ll have
you know 13:30-17:00 clinic or something like that so it’s more of a routine
which helps you get into a routine with your life. Keep, exactly yeah, keeping that up
whilst if you’re into sports or you know drama or arts whatever having your
little hobby on the side and keeping that balance is difficult but I think
everyone manages it. At the end of the day that’s what you’re going to be doing in
life. We’re gonna have to be a dentist then come home and you know cook and
clean and all these sorts of things so it does set you up really well for life, it does, yeah.