– [Voiceover] You know you’re ready for the next step in your career, and you know that a graduate
degree is the way to get there. But how do you find the
right degree for you? Let’s consider the options. Traditional Master’s
degrees in arts and sciences focus on theory and research preparing you for the road to a Ph.d. Traditional professional degrees like MBA’s on the other hand, generally concentrate on
finance and management preparing you for a range of
roles in the business world. But what if there were another option? A degree specifically designed to meet the challenges of
today’s emerging industries. Enter the Master of
Professional Studies degree. Commonly referred to as the MPS. MPS degrees combine the focused study of traditional graduate degrees with industry-specific skills you can apply to your job today, and as you advance in your career. So what’s different about the MPS? MPS degrees are driven by the demands of the business landscape and focus on the sought after skills and specialties that employers want today. They’re offered in a
wide range of industries. Including everything from public relations and sports industry
management to real estate. Technology, human resources, and more. And MPS degrees are taught
by industry experts. Leaders who bring a real world perspective into the classroom. What’s more? MPS degrees are designed
for working professionals, offering flexible formats, including online, evening, weekend, and accelerated classes to help you balance work, life, and your studies. So where can this degree take you? An MPS will prepare you to make an immediate impact in the workplace, give you a competitive edge, sharpen your strategic thinking, expand your network and
industry connections, and position you for
success in your field. Is a Master of Professional
Studies right for you? Visit MPS dot Georgetown dot edu.