Well the interesting thing about MBA (master of business administration) degrees are that they focus on the business decision-making side of the whole question. So if you’re looking at an organization and you’ve got folks who are trying to make business decisions and trying to determine, then, how to support those, the MBA is for the purpose of teaching people how to make those decisions. What to use as far as base level information, and then how to take that information and translate it into something that makes sense and lowers the risk of the actual decision making process. When you’re on the IM (information management) side, you’re the one who’s providing the information that makes that possible. And, in actual fact, you can say to that decision maker, “You know, I’ve got specific information that I think would be useful to you that you might be able to make some business decisions or lower the risk or some exploratory different types of approaches that you might not have otherwise thought of.” And so the IM person is the one who’s driving that process from the data side, from the information side, helping that business decision-maker do what they do best. And, actually, the IM person can be the one who sources that information and makes certain that that business person has the right information they need to do their job well. you