The challenges I faced were looking for accommodation
and this was overcome by having a buddy from the University and she helped us look for flats. And I also found it quite hard with all the exams but the teachers were there to help you out and they explained what would be in their exams in it wasn’t as hard as I thought. There were a few things that I was unsure
about with regards to visa and things like that but with the help of the Study Abroad Team finding people that went through the experience the year before i was able to get
in touch with those and they gave me a heads up as to the whole process which made it a lot easier. I found the application process relatively
easy. Any obstacles: not knowing how to apply was really easy. There are people in
the Study Abroad Office all the time who reply to you instantly so it’s really easy to know
what you need to do and how to apply. The support that I got from York St John,
the lecturers would always message you and email you to see how you were getting on.
Even two lecturers flew out to get some feedback and it was just nice to know that you were
supported from back home as well as being abroad. I definitely didn’t feel like I was missing
out by going abroad. I stayed in touch with my friends all the time and the course here
was absolutely fine with me taking modules out there so there was no problem when I came back going straight back into the English way of learning. So I didn’t find any difficulties
with the thought of missing out or anything changing.