So the next segment is about orientation
day slash orientation week what do you remember from your orientation day ahh my person went to the wrong spot I didn’t get one of those bags so I don’t remember much What do you remember from your
orientation day? Getting lost my student card photo being taken that was fun I was given a lot of two things. 1. Razors of which I still actually have three I
think I got something like three Gillette razors and condoms, they were
the two things that I things that I seemed to be given the most of What’s your… did you make any friends on your first day? yes yeah actually I did.. In my group
they’re still my friends I made friends with a girl called Rebecca. Awwhh & we’re still friends today. That’s me! 1 reason I came to Ireland was Papa John’s and then we
got free Papa John’s on my first week of college and I was like this was the best
decision I’ve ever made I mean Pappa John’s is second to Dominoes Germany had such horrible you don’t understand I needed to leave the country Don’t you like border Italy? Ehh no? In your first few weeks people are gonna make an
active effort to get to know each other just be yooooself It’s a long day but
it’s definitely worth it because because you get these bad boys This is the orientation pack first years would get I bet they’ve free condoms. It’s like an unboxing so if you go to pick out the same thing at the same time maybe It’s a very
nice bag. It opened very smoothly Since I was late I didn’t get one of these ahah didn’t you? *Cameraman*- a whole college experience now! ahahha ya OMG! This is soo new for me Essentials FOOD FOOD! I got curry flavored that’s
usually kind of what I go for I got chicken an mushroom. It’s like a staple though OMG they got pan noodles, I think we got this and I never ate it cuz I don’t eat that tihs. No we didn’t get
pan noodles we got blankety blank blank because of copyright. Have you ever had
pan noodle? Oh yeah oh yeah yeah beef & tomato They are student staple it’s
kind of like a good way to save money for their other priorities. Even though the branding is covered on this I believe I know what this is I believe I know what this is. It’s a noodle
pot….Can we pour the energy drink into the pan noodle & have it no you can’t you can’t
eat it as well like you just gotta pour a bit in OMG… oh no I it’s gone solid
I don’t think I can eat When would you need an energy drink? When your FYP is due Stawwwp it no Lee please don’t!! It’s just gone past 9:00 a.m. I haven’t actually had this one what’s the actual flavor of Red Bull
I wonder I actually don’t even I don’t even know how to describe that. This is
just has a lot of stuff in it that like you wouldn’t be getting off the
farm. Yeah I’ll be honest I’m not proud of that I don’t understand why people drink vodka energy cause it’s like the two worst things. Are you crying?
maybe a little.. Alright UL t-shirt these are actually
pretty comfy and I’ve always wanted this color I’m so glad I got this bag. I have that one you see I’m I’m creative in college so I don’t like to
wear t-shirts like everyone else wears t-shirts Does it look good on me Fran? ..It does. I have one in pink too. Aww nice! I also have on in pink Name all the colors of UL t-shirts you have Ahhh gray and black and navy You can’t buy
them. Can you not? No. You can’t buy those Only incoming first years get them & ahh burgundy & pink Can we keep these? Pop Sockets! I actually love these Dental floss? Pop Socket actually It’s a what? A pop socket! Or is it a condom in a plastic wrapper I think it’s one of the things like you
stick onto your phone What’s it called? I have no clue Do you think that they deserve so much hate because a lot of people have like strong
opinions against the whole pop socket culture So pop sockets they’re
absolutely useless and should be banned If you wanna watch something Bam!