when I think about it frankly I am
nothing but weakness I’m not naturally strong I’m not naturally fast I’m not
naturally flexible and I’m certainly not the smartest guy in the world
and and I get emotional over stupid things and I eat the wrong foods and I
don’t sleep enough my procrastinate and I waste time and it cares too much about
stupid things and not enough about important things
and of course my ego is too big but at the same time my mind is too small and
it’s trapped inside itself but now that being said I have a saying and it’s and
you’ve probably heard me say it before a person’s strengths are often their
biggest weaknesses and so that also means that their weaknesses can be their
strengths so me I am weak in all those ways that I
listed I am but I don’t accept that I don’t accept
that I am what I am and that that is what I’m doing to be no I don’t accept
that I’m fighting
I’m always fighting him struggling and I’m scrapping than kicking and clawing
at those weaknesses to change them stop them some days I win some days I don’t
but each and every day I get back up and I move forward with my fists clenched
toward the battle toward the struggle and I fight with everything I’ve got to
overcome those weaknesses and those shortfalls and those flaws as I strive
to be just a little bit better today than I was yesterday you