Hey everyone we are in Granada Spain and we
have had a ton of great meals here. Today we’re going to share with you some of
our favorite. Check out Tabernilla del Darro for an
experience that is both tasty and pretty cool. This unique little wine bar is
right on the Darro River inside an old cistern. The food is traditional Spanish
but with a modern flair, we tried a few different dishes here and had some
delicious wine as well – while also enjoying great view of the river and the
street below. Great coffee shops are one of our favorite things to find on our
travels. In Granada visit La Finca for that classic hipster coffee shop, they
have great cappuccinos,lattes and a minimalist modern vibe. The coffee is
strong and delicious. For a more traditional coffee experience try Cafe
Lopez Mesquita, the coffee here is also tasty but the vibe is totally different.
We loved stopping in here while heading out to explore the city. And they also
have a cool candy and pastry shop next door it’s definitely worth the visit. And
when in Granada you absolutely have to try some traditional Moroccan tea.
Moroccan food and culture is a big part of the feeling and the vibe in all of
Granada, If you take a stroll down Calle Caldereria Neuva
you can pop into one of the many teterias for a cool sweet and
unique experience. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. The tapas tradition is
alive and well at Bar Poe with unique and tasty dishes influenced by cultures from
all over the world. You get a free tapa in here with every drink, but we definitely
recommend ordering more. We visited here several times and couldn’t get enough of
the atmosphere, the owners, and the food, especially the pork and pineapple
skewers. Probably the most memorable meal from
our visit to Grenada was our night at Tajin Elvira. We read about this
amazing place online and really wanted to try Moroccan food so we decided to
stop in here to taste some traditional dishes. Our food was so good and there
was a crazy amount, but it was totally worth it. Some of our
favorites were the hummus and the beef tagine, really really tender. We always seem to find ice cream or gelato wherever we travel and we’re certainly not sad about
that because on a hot day with the exception of cocktails there’s really
nothing better. For a quick and cool treat we recommend popping into Giolatto. It is a franchise but it’s delicious Another awesome place for traditional
Spanish tapas is Bodegas Castaneda This spot has a great bustling vibe
outdoor seating and delicious shareable platters, it’s definitely a cool place to
try for sure. We stopped here on our first night in Granada and loved the
feeling we got from being out and about locals and travelers alike. Well that’s it for this video everyone
thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoyed it and if you’re on your way
to Granada we hope some of our recommendations will help you find a
great place to eat and drink.