[Upbeat music] David Silverstein [Full-Time MBA student]: You always hear these like legendary stories like, ‘Oh, have you taken Okun, or Galloway’, and you get into the classroom and it’s like everything and more.
Christina Connor (Full-Time MBA student): I had the chance to be a TA (Teaching Assistant) for Scott Galloway.
Serge Permyakoff (Langone Part-Time MBA student): You see him in the morning on Bloomberg News and then in the evening he comes to teach and his perspectives are new, fresh and unique.
Pooja Bavishi (Langone Part-Time MBA student): Foundations of Entrepreneurship with Professor Okun. Duygu Gorbudak (Full-Time MBA student): He’s brilliant, and I think it’s really funny too.
Annie McWilliams (MBA/MPA Dual Degree student): It’s kind of like being able to sit at the feet of this world-renowned expert who can share his insights and perspectives on how to become, you know, a strong entrepreneur Larry Arbuthnott (MBA/MPA Dual Degree student): Professor Dolly Chugh, she teaches Leadership in Organizations Ankur Bahl (Full-Time MBA student): Dolly personifies a great pedagogue and that she’s thinking about her field, she’s really developing leadership in her field, but then also at the same time she cares deeply about her students. Isabel Lagdameo (Full-Time MBA student): I would say my favorite professor is Professor Charlie Murphy, he teaches an investment banking course.
Kapil Maheshwari (Langone Part-Time MBA student): He has some very interesting insights into the financial services industry, and banking in particular, because of his experiences.
Jennifer Meacham (Full-Time MBA student): He breaks down the financial services industry in a way that’s relatable and anyone can comprehend and makes it really funny. Laura Fox (Full-Time MBA student): I’d have to say Sonia Marciano is probably my favorite.
Ale Flores (Full-Time MBA student): Just going to her class and learning how she thinks, it’s very interesting and she’s great. Dontae Rayford (Full-Time MBA student): For me, I think it’s Professor Jeff Carr Christina Cheuk (Langone Part-Time MBA student): I think he had just a wonderful way of actually teaching about Marketing which was just talking about strategic marketing and how you think about your customer base.
Rebecca Davison (Langone Part-Time MBA student): Taking Professor Damodaran’s Valuation class during the day, it was great to be able to come back to work and apply something I had learned in class.
Jonathan Figueroa (Full-Time MBA student): It was pretty challenging, but to have a professor like that in finance is amazing.