Hi, I’m Martin I’m Felicity I’m Kristina I’m Lisa I’m Tom I’m Geminio I’m Pierre
– and I’m Laurie I’m English Chilean.. Swiss..American.. I come from Switzerland and me too, I live in Switzerland, like Pierre Interviewer: Why are you learning Italian? I’m in love with the Italian culture and I want to learn to speak a bit of the language I left my job in London before Christmas because I wanted to live in another country… I wanted to learn a new language and I really like Italy I really want to lean Italian because I really like the language and also the culture. It can also be helpful for my work (a bit) My father is Italian and at the moment my Italian isn’t really good… so I wanted to improve it How do you say “food” in Italian?
-“cibo” I want to eat ALL of the pizza. yeah, for me I don’t know how to speak Italian well and, also, I am going to go to university here and at the university here it’s all taught in Italian so I have to learn well to study here. I have an Italian passport, but I can’t speak Italian and because I really like Italy.