(upbeat music) – I decided to choose this school because I had done previous research,
talked to other people. – There were a couple schools near by. – I was looking at two, this
one and a different one. – Did quite a bit of research. – It was really important
for me to get a course that was accredited,
nationally recognizable. – I picked the course because, first of all I really appreciated that it was the high
level of accreditation. – I really really liked
the advisor that I got. He called me like the second
after I requested a brochure. – When I talked to my advisor, Cassie, she had a lot of great information for me. – There were there for me
from every step of the way, so I was willing to actually
pay a premium for that. – I just didn’t feel like
it was only a sales pitch. – They wanted to give you
all the right information, they you know told you things that maybe you didn’t wanna hear, but they didn’t make everything
out to be glitter and gold. – I just felt like I knew
more about this place than I could get asking information at the other places I looked at. – The website was very clear and like easy to follow. – And also just knowing
that both professors had over 10 years of experience, that made me feel really secure that they would be quality instructors. – Not only that, I wanted
someone there for me that would provide assistance. – The lifetime job search
help and those resources, I felt were really, you know
were really beneficial to us. – Now that I went through the class, I feel so prepared and so
confident about doing it that I just, I honestly can’t
wait to go abroad and teach. (upbeat music)