The Bachelor of International Business is a brand new Monash University degree. It’s conducted in a purpose built facility in the city. I love that it’s business but with an international perspective. Personally, I’d like to work overseas in the future, I think it gives me an advantage. What I like most is the small classes because it’s really easy to talk to everyone and interact with your lecturer. It’s so much easier to get that feedback because if you don’t understand what’s going on, instantly, you can ask. We are all close together and there is a lot of group work, making friends has just been really easy. It’s more like an open discussion, I think that’s where we learn the best. We use the flipped classroom model, this means that we provide you with essential content on
videos before you come to class. When you come to class we can work through any
problems you have and start to apply the knowledge that you already got. It only has two years to complete it and I was concerned about the time I spent in University It’s an accelerated course and
so you can get straight out and work or if not you can do another degree and still not be behind everyone else. The really good thing with completing it in two years is that you get such a head start. You know what they say – time is money. The campus itself is situated in the middle of the city so you’ve got people from all
over Melbourne coming to one campus. The campus is really nice because it’s new, there’s lots of seating everywhere and it has just a really open, modern feel. It’s close to everything – restaurants, cafés, bars – it’s pretty convenient in that sense, lots of shops. Because it’s in the city it means that we can get more and more business speakers to come and talk to students about how the stuff that they’re studying is actually applied in real life. I think for all of our subjects so far, we’ve had industry speakers. You get contacts with industrial speakers, so you actually start networking. If you’re studying International Business you really need to experience international life and as part of this program we have twelve weeks studying abroad. As an alternative to that, we also offer twelve weeks industry placements. Moving here was quite a big thing and I really love being in the city, if I had moved here I wouldn’t have wanted to be out in the suburbs. It’s just a big city, there’s professional people working everywhere, it’s a great vibe.