I started my BTEC when I was 16; I came out
of school having done my GCSEs, chose not to do A Levels. I felt like I knew where I
wanted to go and the BTEC was really good because it was more specific in an area that
I was really interested in, and I think the skills and experience at 16, by being in the
workplace, and by going through that more chosen academic route, which ultimately led
me into university, was such a brilliant starting foundation to focus in a little bit more on
an area that I was particularly interested in. rather than going down the conventional
route of doing a levels and then going on to university, and then channeling a little
bit later down the line, I found through my experience, that was a really positive thing
to do, and im a big ambassador of individuals understanding that opportunity and considering
that from their point of view, at the age of 16, 18, however old they might be, that
this is a really good, valued way of starting a career path into construction.