There is whole lot of reasons why Australia is a popular destination. Reason number one which I’ve noticed among student is the fact that they are legally allowed to work part time as a student both on-campus and off-campus for 20 hours per week or 40 hours over a fortnight and that does help a student bring down his cost of living or bring down his cost of education while he is still studying. Australian government also supports what we call as a post study work visa that if you’ve completed a two year degree program, which is recognized by the government, you are legally allowed to stay back in Australia and work for 2 years, so even if student is taking an education loan to support his studies in Australia that’s a good opportunity to work internationally, gain some international work experience and also pay back your education loan. So, these two factors are definitely one of the biggest reason why Australia is a destination of choice. Then of course you’ve got fantastic universities in Australia which are ranked consistently among the world’s best like there are seven universities out of Australia which is in worlds top 100 and they don’t have entry criteria as complicated as some of the other destinations. So, Australia is a good package to kind of look at in terms of education choice you