[MUSIC PLAYING…] Dean Menon: I’m Geeta Menon and I’m the Dean of the Undergraduate College at New York University’s
Leonard N. Stern School of Business. I’ve been here for 25 years, 21 years as a faculty member
and the last four years as Dean of the Undergraduate College. If you had to ask me all the reasons why Stern
is so great, there would be countless, so let me boil it down to the ten top reasons
why Stern is so fabulous. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Top 10 Reasons: Why Stern?) (New York – Location, Location, Location) (Reason #1: Location, Location, Location) Student 1: The best thing about living in New York City Student 2: Being in the city. Student 3: Being in New York City. Student 4: Living in New York. Student 5: Energy in the city. Student 6: I’m literally in the middle of it all. Student 7: Unlimited opportunity. Student 8: It’s a crazy place. Student 2: It makes you grow up a lot faster. Student 4: That challenge builds something in you
that you can’t really get anywhere else. Student 2: It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Student 6: Our business education is already top in the nation
but when you couple that with the fact that we go to school in New York. Student 2: The city has so many resources
that are a huge reason why that as a business student here
you have so many great opportunities to learn about different companies. Student 7: New York City is our campus. Student 6: I think for students at Stern we’re studying
business in the business capital of the world. Student 8: Goldman Sachs. Student 5: Wall Street. Student 8: They’re right here. Student 1: Half the things in your textbook
you can go see here. There’s so much to do here. Student 7: Go to Yankees games, Student 6: Central Park, Student 9: Broadway shows. Skyscrapers. There’s so many places to eat. Student 2: I’ve explored the city inside and out. Student 7: Some of the best parks in the world, some of the best art in the world. Student 1: The best thing about living in New York City
is that it can be whatever you want it to be. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (200+ World-Renowned Faculty.
Three Nobel Prize Winning Professors) (Reason #2: World-Renowned Faculty) Student 8: I’m actually currently taking Adam Alters,
you know, Introduction to Marketing class and I was amazed by this guy because
he’s unbelievably successful, he’s a New York Times bestselling author,
and he genuinely cares about every student. Student 10: Your teachers are industry professionals and they really have not just a textbook
to teach you from but years and years of professional experience
which makes all their points that much more relevant and that much more applicable to real life. Student 3: A lot of the professors I have here
are very distinguished in their specific fields. Student 4: Having the professors push you very, very hard. Student 1: I feel like has just really helped me,
sort of, push the boundaries of what I was thinking the project could be. Student 5: Professors really want students to be able to
explore new opportunities and keep an open mind. Student 8: Professors actually teach their classes so it’s not TA’s, it’s not other people relaying
the information from the professor to the students. It’s the professor giving that to you. Student 4: But if you’re having trouble on an essay
the night before it’s due you can just call them on
their cell phone and they’ll answer. Student 2: They’re all very open and willing to help you,
whether it’s in or out of the classroom Student 6: I had a professor who worked in the
in-house Legal Counsel at HSBC and then actually came to teach us
on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Student 10: I think it’s very clear that every professor
here really cares about their students. Student 4: They’re just very, very passionate about
seeing Stern students learn and succeed. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (NYU: The first Global University. NYU Degree-Granting Campus. NYU Global Academic Center) (Reason #3: The First Global University) Student 8: I’m gonna be going to Madrid. Student 5: Prague. Student 3: China. Student 4: France. Student 8: If you want to be great at something,
if you want to be an expert, if you want to be the best,
you have to immerse yourself. Student 4: It’s important to have a global experience
in your education because the world is becoming more and more global in the way that companies
operate and the way that people work and think. It’s really important to be able to go out into
the world saying I understand different cultures. Student 5: All these struggles that you face by studying
abroad help you grow as a person and make you much more independent. Student 8: You know, I’m gonna be you know waking up
to people talking to me in Spanish and going to bed with people talking to me in Spanish. Student 3: You’re going to have to learn how to manage
cross-cultural relationships and when you go abroad and do business abroad you’re gonna
have to learn how to be a accustom to different cultures. Student 4: I understand more than just where I’m from. Student 5: It changes your life. (Top 10 Reasons: Why Stern?) (International Studies Program. 600 Juniors. 1 Week. 3 Cities.) (Reason #4: International Studies Program) Student 9: ISP’s International Studies Program.
It’s our shining gold medal in stern It’s the program that allows 100% of Stern
students to study abroad sometime in their career. Student 6: We get to experience a place we’ve probably
never been before with 200 friends on campus Student 9: And in this program we do learn about a country
and their business ethics some a country in Asia, South America, or Europe
And we do presentations in the course on those countries. Student 10: Looking at global business and then narrowing in on a specific region and even country, and then going to that country to look at
a specific business and then analyze that business. Student 9: Understanding their business practices, how it’s different from the US. Student 6: We learn to really delve into a business.
Learn, you know, some of the problems with this business.
And then actually, you know – actually decide how to pitch a recommendation for a solution to some of the problems that this business is facing. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Top 10 Reasons Why Stern?) (Reason #5: A Balanced Approach) Student 7: Stern does a really good job of giving you a wide variety of classes that give you a wide variety of experiences. Student 5: Courses in fields where you are not necessarily
thinking about pursuing but you just want to take because they’re just so fascinating. Student 8: I’ve realized that I can take three of my four classes entirely in Spanish. Student 10: I’m studying finance and global business and I’m also minoring in political science. Student 8: It’s really important to remember that the
Stern School of Business is part of something so much larger and that is NYU.
And it’s extremely valuable to step away from business to explore new things, different
opportunities, and build relationships. Student 7: I think that’s what helped me the most was
because I instead of having just one set, you know – path
I took a lot of just a bunch of different classes.
In really ranging topics that I feel gave me a more well-rounded experience. Student 3: I really wanted a multidisciplinary, more
of a liberal arts focused program And I was really interested in politics and
economics So I was looking for programs that merged
both of those interests. Student 5: Being at Stern is fantastic in the sense that
you have so much flexibility and freedom to explore so many academic opportunities.
Balance their education so they are able to take courses that are outside of their requirements.
I’m not even an Econ major but you know coming from a business school that allows you to
have this flexibility, it’s a shame when students don’t take advantage of it. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Make Social Impact) (Reason #6: Make Social Impact) Student 4: I think that social impact at Stern is probably one of the highest growing interests in the student body. Student 6: I always thought of business as like what does it contribute to the bottom line? But this class really opened my eyes to the
fact that there’s a triple bottom line People, planet, profit. Student 1: So a lot of people see businesses as being
very cut and dry. The social impact core I think is in place
to help students think sort of beyond the really specific skills that they’re learning
in classes, and just think more generally about what they’re
doing and their place in the world. Student 10: When I came to college I wanted to start making an impact right away I didn’t want to have to wait until after graduation and so it’s really important to me that I’m able to do something about the issues that
I feel strongly about, and I think it’s important particularly in
our generation to have the ability and the drive to make a difference
and do something positive in the world because we need to. Student 4: To figure out how can we increase the social
value of our companies, of our universities. How can we go out into the world and create
more change. Student 6: Being a profitable business and still having
a positive impact on society. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Stern Professional Development.) (Reason #7: Professional Development) Professional Development Series, otherwise
known as PDS. It’s a program for all the Stern students
to learn more about what should they put on a resume. So it’s a lot of learning about how to be a professional once you graduate,
even just in an internship and learning how to navigate the workplace.
Learning how to navigate expectations and so it’s a really great opportunity for
students like myself who came in without knowing anything about what to put on a resume.
How to convey yourself during an interview. I think it’s prepared me by realizing what
I want but also preparing me for how to get it. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Top 10 Reasons: Why Stern?) (Unparalleled Career Prospects. (Reason #8 Unparalleled Career Prospects) Student 1: When you come to Stern it’s the stepping stone for getting whatever job you want. Student 7: I’m gonna be working at Goldman Sachs. Student 2: I already have a full-time job at Guggenheim Partners. Student 5: I’ll be going to work at Barclays. Student 1: Employers and the outside world knows the caliber of Stern. Student 2: Alumni Career Engagement, otherwise known as ACE is a super awesome opportunity to meet alumni, who maybe graduated from Stern
Ten years ago to maybe they just graduated in May. Student 8: So they’re putting us in touch with people
who are inspiring, people who are encouraging, and people who are helpful. Student 2: And they were here to provide advice on your
resume, to provide you with advice on interviews, and so that’s all been really helpful in my
path to get a career. Student 8: You just have to set your mind to it,
figure out what you’re passionate about, and then go get it. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Top 10 Reasons: Why Stern?) (Reason #9: Learn to Lead) Student 2: The club system at Stern is definitely a bit
more professional-focused. Women in Business clubs, you’ll find the Investment Analysis Group, you’ll find Quantitative Finance Society. Student 7: A lot of the clubs are actually academic-focused or professional-focused so you learn a lot through those clubs. Student 9: Emotional intelligence, social intelligence, business intelligence. Student 4: I’ve been learning a lot about what it takes
to lead and to run an organization Student 7: Stern helped me do was really break out of
my comfort zone Student 5: You learn to push yourself, find certain ways
to set yourself apart. Student 5: Stern really helped me prepare to find confidence
myself and find confidence the abilities that I have. Student 3: I’ve really gotten in touch with, you know,
being a leader on campus. Student 5: They will all want us to walk out of here
as leaders and they all want us to be successful. [MUSIC PLAYING…] (Top 10 Reasons: Why Stern?) (Reason #10: One Community) Student 4: My experience at Stern has totally changed
my perspective of academics in general, but also just the world. Student 9: And I really do hale Stern for being able
to not only get the best and brightest but also get the most diverse, differently
talented, who can bring their own identities to any
situation. Student 4: Here I was exposed to roommates and friends
who were from different countries. Student 2: People came from maybe Pakistan, China, the
U.S. Student 4: Different religions, different ethnicities, different racial and socio-economic minorities and majorities. Student 9: Stern is able to bring in the most driven,
the most dedicated, and the most ambitious students from around the world. Student 1: Everyone that I know at Stern is just like going for it. Student 9: Entrepreneurs, geniuses, finance gurus. Student 1: Who really want to work hard.
You can really do anything. Student 9: There’s nothing you can’t do here. Student 5: I am Stern. Student 6: I am Stern. Student 9: I am Stern. Student 2: I am Stern. Student 8: I am Stern. Student 7: I am Stern. Student 1: I am Stern. Student 4: I am Stern. Geeta Menon: I am Stern. [MUSIC PLAYING…]