I chose Verona because they offered
courses for my major and because I’ve been to Italy before when I was
young and I loved it so much so I wanted to come back. The main experiences I’ll bring back home was just being able to fall in love
with another culture and people from that culture. I never realized how
easy it would be to connect to people that don’t speak my language or that don’t have the
same background as me but this experience just completely changed my mind Food & Culture was a great course also
Italian Culture. I loved learning about the culture here and more background about Italy. I also loved the Food & Wine Business business study that was probably my favorite thing. I can’t imagine having left after the first semester, I would have been so sad and I also learned so much more. The first semester
was a bit harder for me but now I just feel so comfortable here and I really
don’t want to leave it’s like really become a second home. I would suggest to try to connect with people here and to try and speak Italian No one is going to hate you for saying something wrong they’ll think it’s funny maybe but they
like it. Also maybe just try to stay in Verona for a bit even if it’s only a few
weekends it’s better than just never being here and you can really learn and
just fall in love with the city I interned in a high school and I was
teaching English to students and it was so great just being able to talk to them
and being able to learn Italian from them in some ways and just about
the the city it was great talking to them it was a wonderful experience.