While studying in France great idea. France is a very pleasant country to live in It is mostly known for it’s art of living with its food, it’s fashion, its lifestyle, quality of life but France is also a country where innovation happens whether it’s in the field of Aeronautics with companies like EADS or Safran or whether it is in the field of science or a scientific research like CNRS, which is a great organization for scientific research and or maybe other technologies and innovation like InnoEnergy you have in energy field so like that France is the hub for a lot of innovative countries. The world’s most innovative countries the top hundred are actually located in France. Twelve out of fifty five fields medals have been given to French nationals which shows that France is an innovative country which invests a lot in research France. France is also a country where no distinction is made between international students and French students. Basically an international student going to France has the equal rights as a French student. whether it is the government allowance or any other kind of support that is given by the university or the government France is also the country which is positioned number three in terms of welcoming international students. It welcomes over 3 lakh international students every year so which shows that it’s a very open country In fact Paris has been ranked number one when it comes to selecting the most student friendly city in the world. It’s been ranked number one since 2012 till date and also very important part studying in France can cost you zero euro. anything from zero euro to 10,000 to 20,000 euros. It all depends on which institution you are select but this is something to know that studying in France can be totally free