My name is Dinah Warren and I run the
Secondary Languages and the Primary Languages PGCE. If you’ve got an
interest and a qualification in French, Spanish or German then you could do
PGCE in either the primary or the secondary phase using those languages. So
what we want is people who are really passionate about languages and who think
that they would be able to communicate that passion to children and young
people. We use the latest research in languages education around motivation
and language acquisition theories to try to help trainees understand how to
make what they find really simple about learning a language really clear to
people who find it hard. So we want trainees, we want people coming on the
course who think that they can do that. They can share their passion and
make something as difficult as learning a language easy and straightforward for
children. We work with really strong departments in secondary schools in the
area. We work with good schools that have a good languages provision in the
primary phase. What we hope our trainees get out of that experience is
seeing great teachers teach and learning how to model that and imitate that but
also developing to really critically reflective, intellectually curious,
great language teachers of the future.