Hello everyone Welcome back to another video In today’s video we will talk about a sensitive topic Lots of students have been asking us in the comments that why did we left Tver So today we were outside and we again got a comment asking why we left we left Tver So we decided to finally make a video on this topic Why we left Tver? In life we make a lot of decisions and while making those decision we think that all the things are going well Everything is good The decisions are not always yours You make decisions on the basis of friends , relatives and if you are coming to Russia , then based on counselers When you come to study abroad then most of the decisions are based on what the cousultant tells you or based on what your agent or some senior guides you and asks you to go to a particular university and says that this university and it is fully English and some stuff like that You make some really important decision of life based on what they tell you We passed 12th class in 2015 We didn’t knew each other before that We met at the airport while going to Russia It was a very stressfull year because the NEET exam was also held twice First time the exam was canceled because the paper was leaked . and In the second attempt we didn’t scored much marks Then we got to know about abroad which gave us some hope that we can study MBBS from abroad we started doing some research and got to know about some university The first university that we saw was Tver State Medical University So we got in contact with a consultant and visited their office We discussed about the university and finalized everything We were excited Actually Tver University is promoted very well everywhere and marketed in very attractive way like that the university is very old , more than thousand Indian students study there and it is a fully English university which is not true It is a bilingual University It is 150 km from Moscow and a lot of pleasing things are said about the university to attract students and manipulate you by saying that it is full English university You don’t get to know the truth until you come here Infant , The university is good There are no overall problems for Russian students But for Indian students , it is not the same People tell a lot of lies about the university till you are in India You don’t know much about Russia and doesn’t have much information until you reach here so some people provide false information and you believe them and take decisions based on that information also why you try to do your own research on google and you search about Medical university ranking , reviews , fees etc Most of the links or information on internet is provided by these consultants only You believe that information and feel that the this university is best but you realize the reality of university after coming here Consultants also give you various offers like paying 6 year fees in one go to get a discount on fees When we went to Tver , we also received a offer by consultant that if pay 6 year fee in one time then we will have to pay only 19 lakhs for 6 years and we will save 6-7 lakhs package means paying for total 6 years in one time So we thought that it’s a good package and we will saving a lot if we take the offer and .. ..everything will be covered in just 19 lakhs . So we were happy So people manipulate you to take admission in a particular university by saying these things and giving bogus information Same thing happened with us We were told that the University is very good and provides full 6 year English course and were … …given offer to pay 19 lakhs in one go for full 6 years and get a discount We thought that it will be very cheap , so we accepted the offer and took admission We didn’t knew much at this time so we fell into this We took the admission , completed all the process and paid the fees and reached Russia We landed at the Moscow Airport and went to Tver State medical university by Road transportation Everything was going fine for first 5 to 6 months We were in a new place , meeting new people from all over India City was very good and beautiful Till now we remember that the city was really good overall evertything was fine But after few months we slowly realized that things here are somewhat different than what we told by our … counselors in India Main problem we came was to know about was that the university is Bilingual During our first year , there were some subjects like economics , philosophy which were taught in Russian The teachers didn’t knew English and were talking in russian So we discussed it with a our senior that the teachers are teaching in Russian language They said that now there are only few subjects taught in Russian but after 3rd year you will have to study everything in russian We got shocked after hearing that . There are a lot of other things other than language problem which we will discuss further in this video due to which we left Tver . Main reason was that the University is bilingual Infact in 3rd year , we studied few subject in Russian in Tver . and gave exams of those subjecys in Russian language only Talking about the teachers , the teaches were good in the 1st year but till we reached 2nd and 3rd , we got a lot … …teachers which didn’t knew English language They humiliate students for not knowing Russian language and behaved very rudely . Sometimes the student also feel depressed and start doubting himself due to those teachers who scream at them… for not nowing Russian after 1 year of coming here We are not saying that all teachers are bad and everyone behaves like that there Some teachers are really nice But due to some teachers the student feel depressed after attending their class and sometimes you think before going to class because you know that the teacher is going to scream at you and humiliate you like she has been doing for past months So after all that , we decided to change our University We did a lot of research and surfed online Then we came to know about I.P. Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg During our holidays in march , we went to St. Petersburg We reached the university and talked to the dean about transfer in the I.P. Pavlov University They told everything about the admission process and how we should proceed next to take transfer They cleared everything about the process Then we went to India to the MCI office They refused us to take transfer because at that it was not allowed to change University There was a rule that you cannot change the university in abroad during your course of study But last year in 2018 , the rule was changed and transfer of University was allowed As soon as the transfer was allowed , we changed our University Apart from this , there is a lot of other important information in this video . Watch this video till the end We also have made a dedicated Video on topic if you change your university and how to do that . If you are a student in Russia , then can you watch that video if you are having problems in your current university . See that Video to know everything about transfer process Recently , a lot of students have been asking us that is Tver State Medical University fully english or bilingual Till now , there are some companies whose counsellors who promote Tver by saying that Tver is full english university Most of the students are not aware of that We are not trying to defame Tver State Medical University or any person or company or any organization associated with it Main things here is that Students should not be lied about anything Anyone should not promise anything to the student that is not there Also there are few people , like there is a senior whose video you may have watched on the youtube I will not take her name She is a pass out from Tver State University She makes a lot of videos for that company Recently a student messaged me and asked whether the Tver Medical University is fully english or bilingual I told him it is a bilingual university So he shared a mail with me That mail was from that senior senior is told you about She is a pass out and has faced problems but still she missguided the student She didn’t gave him full information She said that clinical subjects will be in Russian and other subjects will be in English A lot of people say things like these She said that the university is full english but the clinical subject will be in russian But she didn’t mentioned that after 3rd year , 90 percent subjects will be clinical subjects Think by yourself , you are going to become a doctor , in this field most of the subjects will be clinical They are saying that you have to study only clinical subjects in Russian Clinical subjects start from the 2nd year It is not only that you have to study in Russian or talk with the patients in Russian but also you have to give exams… of those subjects in russian Lectures , exams , everything will be in Russian Students ask what is the difference between bilingual and full english university Biggest difference is that in bilingual university, exams, lectures, classes everything will be in Russian language after 3rd year in bilingual university and in full english university , all 6 years lectures, classes and exams will be in english . Only the practical part will be in Russian in which you have to interact with patient Other than that , everything will be in English Another reason why we changed our University One was because of the the language Another was that the Fees that we were paying in that University was not justified with the type of facilities we were being provided Also we were told that MCI coaching will also be provided We lived there 3 years but that never happened You may have seen some videos surfing on the internet about the MCI coaching being provided in Tver University Yes , this year teachers has came for providing MCI coaching . We are still in contact with our friends in that University with whom we used to study We talked to them about the MCI coaching and they told us that they came and provided coaching for only 1 week No university care about MCI coaching . If any University is trying to promote itself by providing MCI coaching , there must be something wrong with it University doesn’t care if you pass MCI exam or not or what are you doing after completing MBBS because a lot of students come from different countries and not just from India Apart from this , consultants tell you that not the university but we will provide you the MCI coaching The truth is that they will provide coaching for only 1 month and charge you additionally for that Some consultants even charge 2 lakhs for just online MCI coaching by providing online lectures They try to promise not just for MCI but for USMLE too and provide you with online lectures to study which you can watch even on Youtube You can find really good channels on youtube for MCI coaching You can also find good teachers on various platforms like Khan academy You can also watch Dr. Najeeb lectures for MCI coaching. You can get lifetime subscription in just 15$ and some people take 1-1.5 lakh ruppes for these lectures only And u have been told about MBBS in Russia and PG in USA Or MBBS in Russia and PG in Germany just to manipulate you for taking admission through them They will give you some material at the end but it is not worth 1lakh or 2lakh rupees You can find it on internet anyway If it is not free of cost, maximum amount charged will be approximately 40,000 Besides this the teachers who come to teach demand you some money And if you want to continue you can join in India after paying The MCI coaching is there because the Indian MCI coaching institutes come there for promotions Like they teach for 1 week and if students like the teaching they would join in India When Students ask about MCI coaching to us we advise them to study well and clear all the basics And when they come to India in holidays we advise them to practice in hospitals and to MCI coaching with it So main reasons of our transfer are : 1. The university was bilingual 2. Some teachers were not Cooperative 3. Fees was not justified It is not worth it to spend where you are not getting good services Teachers are misbehaving with you just because you donot know russian language in 2nd year Some teachers scream at you and demotivate you That’s why you should always choose a University where the fees is affordable and you are getting good services Another Important thing is that if anyone asks you to take 6 year package or pay fees in India , then you should just run away from them You should never go to these people No university take 6 year fees in one time If you pay 6 year fees in one go , the consultant or agent will take the money and keep that with themselves They will use that money somewhere else They will pay your 1st year fees in the University and after that they may or may not pay fees every year We have heard a lot of cases in which the consultant ran away after taking your money you should always confirm that the weather the University is full english or not and also see the fees . Is it worth it or not One way of doing that is by taking reviews from students that are currently studying there We are not saying that take reviews from us only You can take reviews from the student studying there on online platform Try to do some research about the University Just keep in mind that if you talk to student of that university and he/she asks you to take admission through them, then he/she is also not giving real Information about the University For example , in Ukraine , a lot of students tell me that they talked to a senior student studying in the university is providing admission in this much fees He/she provides false information about the university so that you will take admission through them A lot of seniors try to manipulate you so that they can earn from you While talking to someone online , don’t provide your information to them Just take reviews from them if you find a student studying there But if he/she asks you to take admission through them , then don’t completely believe their reviews This is not the same with us because we are not just student who are studying in russia We are a organization We are not just two people . We two just make videos . Also you may have seen some videos on youtube in which the consultant goes to the student and asks him how is the university you should not trust those reviews A lot of senior students lie too Like i told you that there is a senior which is pass out from tver . She also lies that the university is full english and says that only the clinical subjects will be in russian You should stay away from these people and their lies Just try to do a proper research about the university, understand the fee structure properly Try to gather Information about the university before taking admission in the unversity Also do not trust much on the University ranking provided online We made a separate video on this about the MCI percentage of different universities We will link it in the i button (top right corner) You should watch that video to understand why you should not rely on the MCI passing percentage. Now the Video is getting too long , we were not expecting that But there were a lot of things which you guys asked us about in comments and messages that why we left the university , what were the reasons So these are all the reasons because of which changed our university That’s all for this video Keep watching our videos and subscribe to our channel . We will keep providing information to you See you guys next time Like Share Subscribe