I’m Alexandre Gerno, I’m the HR Director for the region EMEA of Moncler. Moncler is one of the main actors of the luxury industry, led by creativity and innovation. We are present globally, all over the world, and still expanding. We were here last year and it was mainly focused on hiring for our ski resorts boutique, and it was actually a very good experience so we decided to come back and open up our research to all the positions we have available within the company. We recruit from hospitality schools because we think that people are the key value of our company. As a luxury company, we need to offer our clients wonderful service and of course hospitality is well known for the level of service they can offer to their clients. We are looking for new talent for our managerial positions and for that we have a dedicated program called MIT, Manager InTraining, during which, we will propose to each student to discover all the jobs a boutique can offer. This is of course, how to animate a team, how to establish strong relationships with our customers, operations, visual merchandising, clienteling. So this is a one to two year path and at the end of this path we like to offer a managerial position within one of our boutiques all over the world. I was talking about retail position, but we have also corporate positions and each commercial region has its own corporate team in marketing, visual merchandising, finance, HR, wholesale business, retail business, clienteling, communication. So these are also positions open to more senior people. Our company is led by energy, so we want energetic people. Of course we want also people who are interested and passionate about fashion, people who have an open mind towards the others, towards the relationship with customers, open to diversity, new opportunities. These are the main skills that we are looking for.