– Cambodia.
(camera shutters) – China.
(camera shutters) – Italy.
(lively ethnic music) (Cynthia Yeager, CPCC student) We were in three
different countries within, I believe it was a nine day period. That was an experience of a lifetime (Jacquelyn Granger, CPCC student) The first time I ever left the country is when I traveled abroad
to Salvador, Brazil. (Nadine Russell, Director, Global Learning) History, culinary, arts, humanities, business, medical assisting. We’re trying to make sure that
our students and our faculty have the opportunity to not only get a global perspective,
but also to expand by being able to travel
to other countries. (singing in foreign language) (Wen Yen, Instructor, Business Administration) No matter how many classes you take, no matter how good your teachers are, that world as a classroom, you just can’t duplicate that experience. – [Man] Some students that
have their lives changed by it. I mean it’s one thing
sitting in a classroom and listening to somebody talk about the history of the Coliseum
or something like that. And standing in the Coliseum. It’s so much more vivid. (camera shutters) (Sache Thomas, CPCC student) I went to Japan for two weeks and it was the best experience of my life. Because they speak another language, the people there are so nice that even if they couldn’t
understand you completely, they tried to work with you to understand what you’re trying to say. (Cynthia Yeager, CPCC student) Very beneficial in the business world. Employers always wanna see
how you’re gonna interact, or how you’re gonna react
to a specific situation. So being able to look at something from a different perspective
is a very important attribute. (children shouting) (Jacquelyn Granger, CPCC student) The volunteer experience was really the heart of the experience. I got to volunteer with children at a, I’d say underprivileged area,
in the region in Salvador and that was really the
rewarding experience. Because I actually built a
connection with the children. (Wen Yen, Instructor, Business Administration) This is amazing. For students who have
not traveled very much on their own and have not
been very far from home, going to a different country
is very intimidating. The study abroad program provides a more safe and approachable way for them to get their first experience abroad. (Nadine Russell, Director, Global Learning) Study abroad and international education is for you. Everyone is able to do it. There’s funding available
there’s resources available to the global in office, so by all means, come speak to us and we’ll help you study abroad. (Cynthia Yeager, CPCC student) I would say if you’re thinking about doing it, and you’re seriously considering
it, that bug is there. It’s been planted, do it. (Jonaa Smith, CPCC student) And it’s such a rewarding feeling to just go and do it. I’d definitely do it again.