What’s up everybody, it’s Marko and Alex the
Vagabrothers reporting live from Porvoo Finland, We are 50 kilometers east of Helsinki, this
is one of five medieval towns in Finland, and it’s the second oldest town in all of
Finland, plus…it’s pretty damn cute. Thanks for that Marko fact. Yes, let’s go check it out. Vamanos [Travel sounds] This week has been the first week in our European
Winter adventures, and one where we didn’t know quite what to expect. We came to Finland
to speak at the Nordic Blogger’s Exchange and we were invited to Porvoo as part of the
welcome week. We’d been to Finland before, but never in the winter. But our local hosts assured that Porvoo was
even prettier in the snow, so we boarded a bus in Helsinki, drove an hour east with our
new blogger friends where we discovered a charming little town full of top notch restaurants,
creative collectives and just the right touch of fun. One of the first things we learned about Porvoo
was it’s role in Finnish history. It’s a beautiful little town, just had a walk
around and learned some of the history. Famous in Finnish history because this is where the
Diet of Porvoo happened. What do you mean, like Salmon and porridge,
or what? Not really… Finland’s got this crazy history
– it was part of Sweden for 650 years, then it became part of Russia, and when it became
part of Russia, they all met here to discuss [autonomy within Russia]. So it’s kind of
cool. This is like where they signed the Declaration
of Independence. The Declaration of Finn-dependence? [Laughter] I thought I was the one with that had the
shitty puns! Now Alex, you’re taking my place. I’m learning from you! It’s good, it’s good. We still had a lot to learn – starting with
pronunciation. Porvoo? Por-mi? Pour vous? Prove also played a role in shaping Finland’s
national identity through it’s most famous residents – the poet, Runeberg. So we are in Runenburg, the national poet’s
home… pretty nice place. Even by today’s standards. She’s the expert, I’ll let her
explain. We were a part of Sweden for very long, but
I’m afraid that Finns didn’t feel very Swedish, and suddenly we were a part of Russia – but
nobody felt very Russian here either. So Runenburg came right in time with this very romantic
book and in this book he was the first man ever to mention Finns with their own identity.
And that’s why he became very popular, already during his lifetime. So popular, in fact, that he even has a delicious
little cake named after him. So after eating dessert first, we decided
to see what other tasty treats Porvoo had to offer, so we went to the restaurant called
Zum Beispel. So now we’ve got to escape the cold and have
a nice little lunch, so we’re going to taste some local food. Ok, we are having lunch at Zum Beispel in
Porvoo and everybody has got some really good-looking food. So, enough talking – it’s eating time! The last time we were in Finland was summer,
when the sun never sets all night long. But in winter, things are a bit different Dude, so what time is it? It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon in the middle
of winter which means one thing! It’s dark! It’s time to go night skiing. Yeah, so we’re going to go do this, we have
not skied in…forever. …like 15 years. We’re snowboarders. Yeah, but we’re going to have some fun, throw
some skis on and hopefully not eat sh*t! Because we are not wearing ski gear – we have
jeans on…and parkas. We’ll be alright! Just getting up on the chairlift was impossible!
I’m all about board-sports I can’t believe I didn’t fall. I feel like
a five year old kid again. So much fun but really really difficult. I
can’t believe I still know how to do it. I know, that was really fun. My five-year-old-self
would be really proud of me right now. I still remember how to ski. Mark’s five year old self would totally shred
on your 27 year old self. 28! Wow… The next morning we woke up to find Finland
blanketed in beautiful white snow, but a little bit colder than back home in California. Alright, guys. Well, Mark and I have been
chomping around Porvoo since… the beginning of the day. It’s nearly noon now, which means
we are taking advantage of the couple of hours of sunlight. Which also means this is the warmest it’s
going to get all day and I am frozen! It’s -14 degrees celsius, but supposedly in
other parts of the country is -35, so we’ve got it easy here. The cameras still work,
our bodies still work, and we’re excited to go explore more of Porvoo. Fo shooooo! Let’s go. So to warm up we walked through Porvoo’s old
town to the Art Factory, a former industrial complex that has been salvaged and converted
into the city’s creative hub. So we just got to the Art Factory in Porvoo,
and like 100 years ago it was a sort of industrial factory and then three years ago they decided
that instead of tearing it down they would renovate it and let artists move it… and
it’s pretty cool. So we’re getting artistic today. Super creative. The technique we used was called acryllic
transfer – you basically take a photo, paint on it, and slap it onto a canvass, which we
did with mixed results… We finished doing our arts and crafts day,
and now we’re sitting down in Sinne, which is a restaurant here in the Art Factory, for
a three course meal. Be quick, it won’t be there long. This is fish soup of Finland, a classic dish
with Salmon. Pretty photogenic place here, which is why
Marko’s taking a photo. We just had a nice lunch… … A beautiful lunch. And now we’re off to do some “winter activities”…
we don’t really know what that means. All I know is that to you have to move to
stay warm here because we are freezing our little Californian butts off. Get in there, it’s time to go! This is our reindeer sleigh. Reindeer sleigh??? So we just arrived in some cool little farm
outside of Porvoo, played with the horses… not like that, you freaky people! Well, maybe so… maybe a little bit… But right now we’re going to go into the forest,
and in the forest there are surprises waiting for us that have been dubbed “winter activities”…
so let’s find out. Alright, so we just got to this wilderness
area just like 10 kilometers outside of Porvoo, and it’s looking pretty cool. There’s like
a big stone building here, a smoking teepee building over there, and then of the sauna. This is pretty epic…200 meters down. Big man cry out like little woman What was that? Place where big man cries out like little
woman. Well this is not definitely the first time
I’ve been zip-lining, but it’s by far the coldest zip-line I’ve ever been on. But it
looks like a fun one…and you get some speed up, don’t you? Yeah, 50-60 km/hr Now you can take a lower step over there. [Alex screaming] How’d everyone feel – how’d you feel? The first second when you lean forward, you
fall… and that was so scary, it was terrible but it was fun. Next, it was time to walk through the forest
on snowshoes. It was a great way to finish the day, and
as night fell we enjoyed another excellent meal. Game of Thones, Winterfell much? This time around a warm fire with good company
before closing out the night under the stars in a Finnish sauna. Thank you guys for watching, especially all
you guys watching from Finland. We really love this country, and our time in Porvoo
just makes us want to explore more. As always, if you enjoyed the video make sure
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