I think this program will impact me by
widening my perspective of the world right now. It’s my first time stepping outside of
the United States. I really hope it kind of gives me that global
perspective. Going to Geneva will allow me to intern at a
non-governmental organization, take French, human rights and
international politics classes and then also study French. I’ll be able to develop fluency while
living in a city that houses the most international organizations out of
any city in the world. I’ve been in Ohio pretty much my whole
life, so getting to go on this program, studying
abroad for seven weeks is really going to give me a chance to
experience new culture and not only experience it, but to be able to
assimilate to it. So I am really excited for that. I am a history major, so being overseas in
Europe and being able to experience the places and
the people will help me be able to teach the lessons
that I’m gonna be teaching to the younger
kids. Honestly I think this whole program is gonna
be life changing just because I really like to become fluent
in Spanish. Also, it will help me be more independent
just because I’m kind of a homebody since I’m originally from
Columbus, so I’ve never really been away from my
family for seven whole weeks at a time, especially my brother and my dog, and my mom
of course. As an Arabic major I’m studying in the
Middle East, and an emergent environment is obviously
invaluable, but it’s also gonna be a great
experience for me to learn a lot about myself and about the people and
culture of the area. In the future I hope to be an art
conservationist, which deals with a lot of different
international, you know, communities and cultures, and I need to be able to interact and live in
a different environment. I really think Europe and the UK probably
studying will be a great place to be, just because the
greatest authors and writers and politicians of all time have
been around there. So it will be great. It will be very
inspirational to be around there. My personal dream is to become a singer in
Japan, and so I need fluency to be able to even
start going for that. And I also, I just want to work in the
entertainment industry itself and kind of help bridge the Japanese music
industry with the American one. I’m really excited to go to Vienna
because it’s like the best city to live in in
the world. And I’ve never been to Europe so it’s really just going to challenge
me. I have to go on my own, so it’s gonna be a little nerve-racking
being on my own in a foreign country, but I’m excited
for the challenge, and it will help me to branch out and be out
of my comfort zone and it will help me be stronger person in the
long run. Experiencing a whole new culture, I’ll be living with a host family for
five days out of the week and then be traveling each weekend to places
where ever I want to go. I’ve never been out of the country
before so I’m really excited to experience
that. I don’t know any French so that should
be an interesting experience. I think being able to study in a new culture and study socially and politically from a
different perspective is going to be a great, unique experience that not a lot of people get to have, and I think every student should have that
opportunity. And I’m lucky to have it. Well I definitely think it will help me with
language proficiency, with ease of speaking and fluidity and
grammar certainly. And secondly, the research opportunity
I’m really excited about because I hope to start an undergraduate
honor’s thesis next fall, and this is going to be the beginning of that and hopefully will continue on over the next
two years. I think the impact of going abroad is way
bigger than just going abroad in general. It’s something about broadening your
experience. I know for me, I’m excited to see
something outside the walls of my research lab. I’m excited to kind of get out there and
really learn about the world to actually make an impact on it. I can’t change the world without knowing
more about it. First and foremost, I think to learn a
foreign language, it’s really important that you study in
the country where the language is natively spoken so that you can be around
the language everyday, every hour of everyday for quite some time. Mr. Wolfe and the donors will always hold a
special place in my heart. Knowing that these scholarships were
available was one of the reasons that I applied for
this trip and just knowing that opportunities were there
for funding opportunities. And knowing that the memories will last a
lifetime, but the debt will not has already taken a
huge stress off my back and also my parents. This is something that I could never do on my
own. I’m just financially strapped. So I just want to express my gratitude because this really is a priceless
opportunity, and I cannot say that enough. Thank you Mr. Wolfe for your generous gift. You really help make these international
experiences possible for us. You really help change our lives.