The STIM Living Learning Center is really
great for women that are interested in STIM fields because we just have a lot of things targeted at
supporting and helping encourage those academic interests that student have. One of our main goals is to help show women all the different
things that they can do within STIM fields and help
introduce them to different career fields and all options
that they have with a STIM degree. Our students have more
opportunities to engage with the University specifically through our faculty mentors
so we’ve met with different doctors who are
visiting during career fairs, or recruiters during career fairs and talking about the
different opportunities there are after undergrad. I think that one of
the great things about the STIM Living Learning Center is that women have the opportunity to
live with a big group other women that are studying STIM fields so their in the minority in their classes. They may, you know, be one of ten women in a 100 person lecture class. But when they live in the STIM Living Learning Center, they’re surrounded by other women and it’s really empowering to the students to be able to live with other people that
have similar interests. They can study together they have the same classes and
they can just hang out together and they already know what they’ve been through
that day because they’re in the same classes. All my friends are with STIM, all my outside activities are STIM, like it just it’s my family here at school. And just overall I am the best student that I can be because of all of that