Hi guys, my name is Afsiina and I’m back
with another vlog, today I’m going to be talking about how to juggle a part-time
job while studying at the University. So for me, I do have a part-time job and I
do I work at the University, and I do study at the University as well, so I will be
talking more about that later on in the vlog, so overall in the vlog I’m
going to be talking about the benefits of having a job and how to get a job and
how to balance your job while studying at the University as well. So the
benefits of having a job is obviously you make money, you can earn an income, you’ll be able to gain some new knowledge and experience about how a job is and how it works and there are so many factors in a job that you may not have learned in school or it’ll just give you a bit more practice for after you
finish your education, you’ll be able to know how to work in the real world.
Moreover, you can make new friends, you’ll be able to gain some intellectual and
social intelligence and you’ll be more comfortable, you’ll be more confident and
you’ll know the fact that you’ve done this before and you’ve got experience
and you will be greater when you get a degree and get your job. So how to
balance your studies while going to a university or some type of education-
it’s really hard, that’s what I struggled with in the beginning when I
first started a job, but I learned that when you go to an employer and you
tell them when you’re free you make sure you tell them what days you are actually
free. So for me, I only go to University two days a week, and then the rest of
the week I’m free, but I will say three because I want that one day for me to
get my assignments done or essays or whatever I need to get done as well but
you need to think about the timing of jobs as well because some jobs are a
nine-to-five job or some jobs are evening or morning it just depends on
what you want to go for, and then after that you’ll be able to do your studies so
then you’ll be able to know when you will be able to go university, or do your work, or do your essays/ assignments whatever you need to do. So
as a Graphic Designer, and being on a course of Graphic Design
it is time-consuming because you have to do physical and digital work. So
for me, I had to maintain my work, I needed to think about how I can do this. So when I hand my CV out and they tell me about the availability or even if you do
online they will ask you, they were more or less ask you when are you free and
what available times you have. So for me I did say that two days I won’t be able
to work but the rest of the week I can, and that’s when your employer will know what
day so then at least they’ll know in advance. So that is a really good thing,
so for me I do work in the morning or afternoon but it depends on my contract because my contract is eight hours, that’s the minimum,
so if you wanted to do, you can do more so most jobs they are lenient because
you will do the hours that you’ve contracted for but you can do more if
you’re free from uni, if you say “well I’m not in on this day do you want
me to work?” or “I can do this shift” so you can swap shifts. More or less,
employees are lenient like that if you want to do a part-time job, and they
will know in advance that you are in education so they will know the fact
that you won’t be able to do specific days, they will be so supportive of you.
So you can create a balance, you can be organised and the way I organise
myself is the fact that I do morning and afternoon (shifts) quite a bit so then in the
evenings I will do my work. It’s just the way I work, it just depends on how you want to work and how you think it’s suitable for you, so before you apply
make sure you think about what days you want to go to work, how many hours you want
to do so that’s a really good thing for you to focus on, time management is key. How to find a part-time job – so there are so many ways you can find a part-time
job on social media, online there are there are job boards like indeed and CV (Library) if you literally just go on Google and write ‘part-time jobs’ there’ll be so
many links to where you can go to find part-time jobs and it is hard in the
North East but you just have to keep handing your CV in, and honestly you
will get a job because for the past five months
I was going crazy with my CV I just kept handing it out online and physically inside the shop as well and then I finally got a job but for
me, I had that support of going to the University and asking them in the end
and that was so much easier because they did help me with my CV and they did help
me understand how to talk, how to communicate professionally and how to and be
professional at the same time at work so then they’ll know that I’m ready to work
that I’m not ready to mess about. You can find a job online as I
said, some jobs if they are looking for vacancies they will put it on the shop
window for you to go inside the shop and hand your CV in, or you can go on
websites for example in Sunderland The Bridges is in our town centre and if you go
online it says jobs on the links (tab) and then you just click on that and then
you’ll see what jobs there are inside the town as well and then they will tell you if
you need to hand your CV in or if you need to go online, or email them so there are
so many ways you can find a job you just need to look for them, you need to search
for them, you need to do the hard work for them. Uni can help in so many ways, so
there is a student job fair, there’s events going on all the time, student job fairs is
where some companies come in they’ve got vacancies and that’s where you can go to
that event and you can just put your CV in and give it to them and that
is a good way for you to communicate with your employer so that is such a
good thing for the university to do because sometimes it is, as I said before,
it is hard to find a job in the North East but the University has got
back up and they will support you no matter what and they will try their best
to help you and in the university you can become a Student Ambassador like me.
So with me, I am a Student Ambassador, it’s a zero hour contract, you can do as many hours as you like or as little as you can do, whatever you want to do, but it is like a real-life interview process there are stages to the process
as well but it’s such a good job, I always tell my friends who go to
University, to do Student Ambassador because it is a really good job and you do
it whenever you’re free, they will email you assignments for you to do, like
any jobs that are available for example a school will be coming so you will need to help out, or work at an open day, or work at a class or go to schools or even just help
maintain a secondary school that come in and just talk to them and communicate
with them or tell them your experiences at the University, work for the Summer School and most people that have come to university did go to Summer School school so you would see people with the orange hoodies or the orange tops that says Student
Ambassador, so they are literally on a job they do get paid for that, I do get
paid for that and that is a really good way to have a job as well because you
are maintaining your studies but you’re still working at the same time and it’s
not very far with travel, I know for me like I don’t like to travel much
so with me having a job at the University I can literally just go to
university, go to my job whatever I need to do and then do my work for my course
so that is such a good way as well you don’t have to do assignment if you’ve
got a really busy month with an exam season you don’t need to do any jobs
sooner but you can do it after a month so it is a really good job to do because
you it’s really leaning you can do it whenever you’re free to do it there was
a job available on a Tuesday and I knew I had University on a Tuesday I wouldn’t
do it so I would not sign my name to see that I can do that job but then if it’s
on a Wednesday and I’m free on a Wednesday I will do it so it is a really
good thing to do because you work with a lot of age ranges whether it’s parent
students its girls primary school so it does give you a lot of experience and it
is really good for the CV because when I’ve had
my CV and I’d advise student ambassador so I so then they know the fast oh you
know what she does have experience she does know what what do so even if you
don’t have any experience at all student ambassador is such a good job that you
do like I highly recommend it I recommend it to everyone that I have
joined the student ambassador this year and they were like I’ve seen you know
what this is such a good job and I’m so glad that you’ve told me about it
so yeah so my experience at the University being a student ambassador is
the fact that I’ve met so many nice friends like whenever I walk past them
I’m like oh hey you’re right like are you doing any shoes ambassador jobs and
also like when I’m my favorite thing that I worked at student ambassador want
some school because it’s just a fun job to do like you communicate in with and
other people who were gonna be joining joining University in September and you
just tell them your experience you have fun with them you’d be social with them
you help them are you tell them a goal and it’s such a good feeling because you
know at least you’re helping them and you know you know what of representing
the University and they just kind of look up to you because they know that
you’re already in that experience and another thing is I love working with
like primary schools because they are so we need to work with and you just get in
and be so comfortable with everyone because the employees are so so so
support if they will be they are so nice so loving like they’re not that types of
people that you’re gonna be shy in front of everyone is confident even though you
will not be confident at the beginning slowly you will because at least you
know you’ve caught the University for backup and you’ve got them for support
and when you speak to them as a student ambassador they will help you out no
matter what so when I’m doing a long assignment and they will always ask you
or do you need any help or is there anything and you want us to do or I’m
doin tea or coffee like little things like that it’s such a good job to do and
I do highly recommend it like I can’t say this enough but with me
if I lost like even the Machine ambassador I do have another job and if
I did lose that other job I know four or five in fact I’ve still got my student
ambassador and that it’s a zero hour contracts which I can do whenever I can
do whenever this jobs available and I know that I’m free I will be able to do
it but yeah hopefully you do I used to join the student ambassadors
scheme if you do want more information about it just gone through the
university website I’ll go on the social media University of Sunderland Instagram
where there are so many ways to communicate with the University of
Sunderland to see what you can do and how you can join so yeah that’s it and
I’ll hope with that this video did help a lot of views out there and I hope
youse do find a job in the future if who’s on in one at the moment but yeah
thank you bye