– Hey, hello from Bett 2020. I’m Chris, and I’m gonna show you how you can build digital pedagogy with the new Microsoft Education Center. (upbeat music) Do you know that there
are a wealth of resources available to support
professional development of both you and your fellow
educators, and it’s free. We use the MEC all the
time at our university. It’s deeply embedded within
our professional development for all educators. With the new MEC, you
can help drive success in your professional learning community. Let me show you how. Let’s get started. Begin by going to education.microsoft.com and signing in, or up if
you haven’t done before. Browse courses and start learning. (upbeat music) Complete a course by taking a brief quiz. Earn a badge for completing a course, then share your badge
on your social networks. Redeem a code for a face
to face Microsoft workshop to build your professional
learning transcript. So what are you waiting for? Join us this week. (upbeat music)