The key to learning online is actually the
same key that has always been to learning is that you have to take ownership over it
yourself. A lot of people have – there’s this illusion that is created in our classical
education system and even at university that someone is teaching it to you. Really they’re
creating a context in which you need to pull information and own it yourself. And that
especially happens at the university level where if you’re not pulling and if you’re
not owning it you’re not going to do so well. And when you think online that becomes that
much more important. Because you can create the best software and the best video, but
unless you set your own goals and you apply some of the work from Carol Dweck at Stanford
your own growth mindset, unless you exhibit grit and perseverance where you keep trying
until you get to something then even the fanciest software is not going to be of a ton of value. And so what we do as creators is we try to
make that easier for the consumer of the content. So at Khan Academy we do a lot of trying to
virtually coach someone to have the right mindset, to be perseverant with things. And
one thing that we strongly believe is videos you can learn from, but even if you’re just
looking at a video or reading an article, try to do so actively. Don’t just passively
listen to it, pause it; try to solve it yourself. Once you figure out what the person making
the video is about to do, pause it and see if you can do it yourself. Review it yourself.
And ideally there would be exercises. And this is actually where most of Khan Academy’s
investment is is unlimited exercises that give people feedback and unlimited practice
to make sure that they really do understand the material and allows them to review it
in a spaced repetitioned way so they can understand when do they apply with skills. So it really
is the active listening active learning and the practicing and getting feedback and reviewing
this. And then actually applying it in your everyday life through projects and whatever