Welcome to IPU New Zealand! IPU New Zealand is a Category One education provider. We have over 26 different nationalities. Students across the world come to IPU New Zealand for excellent student experience and quality education. We are based in Palmerston North, one of the most most equipped student cities. Over 126 different nationalities are staying in Palmerston North. Your travel around the city is free. If you take public buses, the public bus drops you right at the Palmerston North Campus. The airport is just 18 minutes away. Palmerston North is known for its education. One of the biggest reasons to join IPU New Zealand is high-quality education. We offer Bachelor’s, Postgraduate Diploma Master’s, in the field of your experience or the field of your interests. Our students come from various backgrounds that includes Education, Teaching Management, Logistics, Distribution even Building Management, Construction Management. Some of them come from highly specific backgrounds Social work Environmental Studies. Our course is designed – one course for all. So, if you would like to choose IPU New Zealand, What you get is, a robust course structure and robust job support. Our course focuses on the
contemporary style of studies. Contemporary is current, is as of today; in the current context. It means the learning style of your’s is going to be totally different than what you have observed in your home country. We have a Graduate Diploma where you can choose papers related to education, related to environmental studies, and related to International Relations
and International Business. In the Postgraduate Diploma of Contemporary
International Studies you research, you will actually do, two compulsory papers which
are Resource Management, and postgraduate research papers and then onwards you can try to gain expertise in your area of interest or experience. When you do Master’s, you’ll do research or thesis, because our Master’s is
Master’s of Contemporary International and, if you take Master’s by Research, you may be qualified to work full time for the first year and second year of your studies. In Palmerston North, you can come with your family, with your kids. We have excellent schools. We have great sports facilities. In IPU New Zealand’s context we have a gym; we have a recreation centre;
we have a tennis court; we have basketball centre; we have an excellent library – free wifi; and free parking space for students and staff. No matter which background you are coming from, no matter which part of the country
you are coming from, we’ll do our best to give more than 100% to ensure that you are successful and you are well supported and you will achieve your career object!